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  • Multitude sports to bet from
  • Quick payment and withdrawals
  • Easy-to-use site and app
  • Safe and secure
  • Best customer care service
  • New cashout options
  • Slow in-play live betting options
  • Limited physical Cash Shops

Betting is fun. And there’s more fun when you get the right bookmaker to deal with like Gal sport betting. A brand ranked among the top sports betting sites in Uganda that has grown into a force that is shaping industry.

So, if you’re looking for a detailed analysis to help you make a decision whether Gal sport betting is the right choice, then look no further, Topbets has you covered.

And where else to start other than tell you that the legendary Uganda Cranes captain Denis Onyango is Gal sport betting (GSB)’s lead ambassador? If that gives you a sense of security and confidence, then let’s dig more!

First, to open an account with GSB, one MUST be 25 years and above, largely following the government regulations.


Opening an account with GSB is as easy as 1-2-3! Open the website www.gsb.ug or on your mobile phone browser m.gsb.ug and click join.

A registration box will pop up for you to enter your Ugandan phone number, your preferred password, first and last names, confirm your nationality.

If you’re a Ugandan, you will be required to use your official identity card by entering your National Identification Number (NIN) which will be crosschecked from the government registry.

The system allows foreigners to register as well but are required to possess a passport or refugee card.

To register, you must possess either an MTN or Airtel Uganda mobile sim cards registered under your name.

Once that quick step is done click Join Now. You will receive a notification welcoming you to GSB services with an activation code. Insert the code in the next box that will pop-up and you’re good to go. Registration is FREE OF CHARGE! Easy peasy, not so?

If you forget your password, don’t worry. Just go to the log-in page and click FORGOT PASSWORD and a quick step to reset will be sent to you.


And that’s not all, Gal sport betting extends its services to both IOS and Android users to download the App and use. Just click here: DOWNLOAD APP.

Follow these easy steps;

  • Download file
  • Click Install
  • Click Install Again
  • Go to Settings
  • Allow to install unknown APPs
  • Good luck


GSB accepts deposits for as low as Ushs 1,000 (one thousand Uganda shillings) however, just like most bookies in Uganda, GSB has limited payment options. These two are Mobile money wallet and the GSB Shop Cash!

As stated above, GSB is only limited tomajor players Airtel and MTN Uganda.

After registering, and account is activated, click on the deposit tab in the top menu bar of your computer’s screen (highlighted in the image below) or the profile button (yellow button displaying your first name, balance and profile on top right corner).

After clicking on deposit, four options will present as shown in the images below.

For option 1, Shop Cash;

You will be required to visit any of Gal sport betting shops where you will present your unique Customer Identification Number always displayed in the second top bar on your phone or on the left side of your screen (check images below).

The agent will provide you with a receipt with a code which you will be required to key in the code and COMPLETE DEPOSIT!

Mobile money wallet option;

To deposit using your MTN line, click option 2 (MTN Mobile Money) in the select payment method. Scroll down and enter the amount you wish to deposit from your wallet.

A USSD code will appear instantly, or at least within five seconds) on your phone, key in your password for confirmation. The money will appear in your account within ten seconds!

Airtel has a relatively similar process. Click on the Airtel Mobile Money tab (shown in Image 6 above) and enter the amount you want to deposit from your wallet.

Normal drill, insert the pin in the USSD message that pops up and wait for a confirmation message in your Short Messaging Service (SMS) inbox.

Copy the code that will be delivered in your SMS inbox and feed it in the space provided on the site ad whoopee, you’re done!

The deposit will be transferred immediately!

That’s not all for the Mobile Wallets. You have funds in your Airtel line but your account was registered using your MTN Line, NO WORRIES because there’s an option for depositing across networks – USSD!

The procedure is simple, for MTN go to your mobile money options by dialing *165#,

  • select Payments
  • select Lotto & Sports Betting
  • select Gal Sport Betting
  • select option 2 – online deposit
  • enter your online Customer ID
  • enter amount and confirm
  • Enter your MTN Money Pin.

Airtel’s procedure is somewhat longer, but is it, really?

  • Dial *185*5*3*6#
  • Enter amount
  • Enter your customer ID as reference
  • Enter your Airtel Money pin to complete the transaction
  • You will receive an SMS, copy it and enter in the space provided
  • Tap on Complete deposit to finalise!

There you are! The money will reflect in your account in a flash, unless there’s a hitch in the system which is very rare!


After all is done right, there comes a time for harvest. And this is just how it is done;

The procedure is not very different from deposit, just a small reversal and a few more.

The three options will be used, again – MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, Shops and USSD.

For shop cash, you’ll first have to initiate the withdrawal from your account. Click on profile and select withdraw from the drop-down list.

Select Shop Cash, enter the amount you want to withdraw and confirm password. This is the password that unlocks your account.

Once you have completed the process and amount deducted from your account, you will receive a transfer code in your SMS.

Match majestically to the nearest Gal sport betting Shop, give the cashier your Customer ID, amount of money you’re withdrawing and the code to receive your cash.

To withdraw directly to your mobile money wallet, select the respective MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Mobile Money option from the payment method using the same formula used to withdraw via the Shop in the paragraph above.

Enter amount and password and click Start Withdraw process. The money will be credited as fast as that.

The USSD has a slightly different method. If the account was registered using Airtel Uganda number, then you can only use this method to withdraw to MTN Uganda and vice versa.

To withdraw via MTN from an Airtel registered account, tap on USSD in the payment method drop-down list; enter the amount to withdraw and your account password in the boxes provided and start the withdraw process.

A message will be sent to your phone with a code.

Once received, dial *165*4*6*6# on your phone then;

  • Select online withdraw
  • Enter your Gal sport betting Customer ID
  • Enter amount to withdraw
  • Enter the transfer code received in your SMS
  • Confirm the transaction.

The maximum withdrawal is Uganda Shillings five hundred fifty million shillings which is also the maximum payout. However, the different Mobile Money companies have their individual ceilings for a single transaction and amount of balance that an account can hold.

Airtel Mobile Money and MTN Mobile Money allow up to a maximum of Ushs. 7,000,000 in daily transactions and Ushs. 20,000,000 account balance.

However, a Gal sport betting winner can withdraw up to the Ushs. 550,000,000 winnings from the Shop Cash centres all at once after notifying the company.

Sportsbook review

Gal sport betting is a truly industry leader in Uganda. The famous yellow and blue colorfully raises your moods way before you even think of the odds and a plethora of betting options on offer just for you.

Gals has set themselves apart from the rest with the number of sports and games offered. The bookie offers tens of options for their football-mad punters but the rest are sorted as well. Basketball, Tennis, Mixed Martial Arts, baseball, boxing, rugby and Ice Hockey are all offered.

The others include snooker, table tennis, water polo, cricket, futsal, handball and volleyball.

Three of them – football, basketball and tennis – have options for betting on live events from most of their selection.

And the customers can select as many events and are allowed to mix from the different sports as long as the maximum payout does not exceed Ushs.550 million.

Gals beats close competitors like betPawa in the variety it offers for combos like goals and full/half time results, double chances and goals etc.

Gal sport betting also offers enhanced competitive odds compared to several other competitors. (See Brentford vs Chelsea odds below)

On top of everything, Gal sport betting offers bets on local and regional leagues creating even more excitement with the local fans. In a good way, this has also helped grow the interest of its local customers and a few foreign ones who search for news regarding the different teams to be informed while placing their bets.

The website is easy to navigate both on phone and app with a quick and easy deposit and withdrawal option allowing a customer to place his predictions in time. However, the company needs to improve on the speed of live in-play options that sometimes take long to accept or even reject in other instances without valid reasons.

Juicy jackpot

Gals has one of the most consistent and juicy jackpot in the Uganda Sports betting market.

The jackpot allows one to pick a three-way-outcomes from the 17 matches that have been selected per round. Missed the jackpot by a few, don’t worry for with Gals when you aim at the moon, you may falter but as well fall for the stars.

The bookie offers prizes for punters who miss the jackpot by at most four picks. There are progressive prizes from 13 correct picks and upwards. The jackpot is worthy Shs.200, 000,000 at a price of just shs.100 ONLY! A player can actually opt for a pick-13 where you go for the shs. 10,000,000 prize for 13 selections. Again, when you miss the 13, prizes are offered for at least ten correct picks!

Excellent customer care

Any challenges encountered at Gals are easily addressed. Their customer care service easily wins my five-star rating. They’re always a click away with their toll free line [Toll Free: 0800 334 455 ] always ready to pick a distress call with a blink of an eye. Their chat option is relatively fast as the email follows in the pecking order but if the call is your first option, you won’t bother reaching there. It takes less than a minute to receive feedback from the chat after the automatic Bot reply.

And if that is not enough care, Gal sport betting offers free fixtures for customers to peruse through when offline.

Local brand

Gal sport betting physical cash shops are limited to main towns and Kampala City. However, their excellent customer care covers for that especially that they have agents who are flexible with the main local languages.

The company employs quite a number of Ugandans and as mentioned earlier, even their ambassador resonates well with the local and foreign punters.


The website and app are just simple and user-friendly. The layout is organized in a way that the favourite football leagues come first and in the middle of the page while the main self-help functional tabs are placed at the top. The bonus and other offers flash across the screen to keep the customer up-to-date with the new developments.

It takes about three to five seconds to place a normal bet on the screen and has an option to place multiple bets by selecting and booking the bets to be placed later.

The site also highlights the popular bets with their odds to help a customer who is in a rush to do a quick selection.

Bonus offers

Welcome offer

Gal sport betting has a juicy offer to usher you into their family. After registration, any deposit from the minimum accepted shs. 1,000 up to shs. 500,000, a customer is offered a 100% bonus. In short, your money is doubled! But to get this, a customer is required to place a bet with a minimum of five selections with a minimum total odds of at least 5.0. You do not need to claim, the bonus will be deposited automatically.

There are more in the store.

Kilalu refund

Now imagine that pain of losing a Ushs. 50,000,000 bet because of that Arsenal draw. Ok, let’s not use Arsenal but just that one team that messes up your future. Well, Gal sport betting feels your pain as well and is there in the time of need. In this case, Gals has something to calm your soul and give more reason to go hunting again.

For every bet with two or more that loses by just one event, there is a refund or more and it increases with the higher odds. This, Gal sport betting has baptized it the Kilalu Refund. Kilalu meaning mad in the local Luganda dialect. Check the table below to understand better.

Gal sport betting also offers a FreeBet of up to 30% of a ticket with a stake of Ushs. 10,000 or more.

For a bet with a stake from shs.10,000 to shs.29,000, a Freebet of shs.3,000 is added and this goes to a bonus of shs.120,000 for a bet with a stake from shs.400,000 and above.

There’s also a SECOND CHANCE bonus offer. To be eligible for the promotion a punter has to share a photo of a betslip that has lost on Gal sport betting social media platforms (such as Instagram, Facebook, X) along with the hashtag #gsbsecondchanceug. The slip must include at least three selections with minimum odd of 1.5 to be among the 30 weekly winners.


Generally, most average and below average Ugandan punters prefer the traditional live sports betting. But for those who prefer casino and virtual games, Gal sport betting has more than what you can ask for. The Casino games range from different types of the roulette, slots, cards and games.

What’s even more interesting is that Gal sport betting has a variety of bonus offers every week. Currently there is the Aviator game that has become very famous with gamers.

Aviator, a game that brings out the best of skills and luck, allows the gamers a big chance to cash in by

To play, the customer places a game bet at the start of the round. Then the plane will take off and a multiplier will be flashed on the screen. The idea is to claim the bonus before the plane falls off but the higher it goes, the higher the bonus. The player also has an option to halt the round and claim his prize once he has accumulated multiplier.

Gal sport betting has spiced this up with their FreeBets offer. Once you access the Aviator game to play, check the Live chat for FreeBets.you have to activate it from the settings box and then observe the FreeBets appear in the Live chat like it is raining. You have to be fast to press the “Claim” button to get your FreeBet before other players.

Gal sport betting offers up to shs.3,700,000 of FreeBets weekly.

Gals, A better place
Why Gals

The easy-to-use website and user-friendly mobile application makes Gals tick over websites like Ababet and Premier Bet. Their wide variety of sporting events makes Gal sport betting every bettor’s first choice in the market. Their variety of combos allow the players an easier option for example, when a punter is split between giving Bayern Munich a win or bet on goals (over 2.5), Gals gives a combo with enhanced odds. Their withdrawal and deposit system is seamless reducing the time and stress in transacting.

 However, other competitors like betPawa beat them on the maximum payout which is limitless on their platforms. This reason could be the only one that one can base on to overlook Gals otherwise, it easily passes as the best Sports betting website in Uganda.


GSB is licensed and regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board of Uganda. It is registered under the company name A Better Place Limited and hold license to operate the general betting and Casino betting services.

Questions and Answers

How many times can I withdraw my winnings?

There’s no limit to this as long as you don’t exceed the maximum amount that your mobile money career permits per day. However, withdrawal from the betting shops is unlimited.

Is there a maximum payout?

Gal sport betting has set a maximum payout of shs. 550, 000,000.

How long does it take for my winnings to reflect on my account?

Basically, Gal sport betting credits the winnings automatically immediately after the event is over.

What is the maximum number of games in my slip?

The maximum number of games to be included in your betting slip is 50. However, this can also be limited by the maximum payout.

What happens to my bet if a match is abandoned?

If a match is abandoned and not played within 24 hours after the time the event was scheduled to kickoff, all bets on that particular match will be void and returned as odd 1. Gal sport betting will calculate the remaining selections on the bet slip and pay.

Can I open an account for my younger sibling?

NO! According to the laws of Uganda, a person below the age of 25 years is not permitted to gamble. Anyone who helps them to circumvent the law is liable.

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