• reliable customer care
  • Multitudes of events to bet on
  • Licensed in Uganda
  • Mobile app available
  • No welcome bonus
  • Limited payment options

Fortbet has grown from a small shop to one of Uganda’s best sports betting sites since its arrival in 2014. Herein, we’re going to give you everything relevant that you should know about Fortebet to help you understand it better and make a decision.

But first things first, are you a sports betting superstar or a rookie planning to dive into a new world of fun, and excitement as you win some money for yourself? Then you’re at the right place because Topbets will help you further your knowledge about the best betting sites in Uganda, the best welcome bonus and free bets, the best reviews and above all top predictions and tips to win you some money.

Welcome bonus

Unfortunately, Fortebet does not have a heavy welcome bonus but there’s something nevertheless. For new customers, the sports betting site offers you a free 1,000 VIP points.

So, you might ask: what are VIP Points?

Fortebet loyalty programme

Fortebet runs a unique loyalty programme for all interested customers. For one to qualify, you just have to show interest by verifying your email account. Remember, this option is not compulsory while registering for the new account.

Once you join and register, you have to deposit a minimum of shs.1, 000 and then place your first wager and you become a member and eligible for VIP Points and special offers instantly! Now, how about that?

The VIP Points are rewarded for each bet that you place whether online or via their physical shops countrywide.
 So how do you earn the points?  For every ticket of shs.1, 000 that has between one and two matches, you earn yourself a point. An extra point is awarded if the selections in your match are between 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15 and then 16 and above.

For example, if you place shs.1, 000 on a ticket with 11 matches, you will earn six points. But if you place the same ticket with a wager of shs.50, 000, then it will be 50X6 = 30 points. Every shs.1, 000 carries a single point so the more you place and more teams means more points.

Every point you earn will be an equivalent of shs.1 and as long as they reach 1,000 which is equal to shs.1, 000, you can use them to bet and win cash.

To know how many points you have gained, check on the top right corner of your screen just below Deposits and Withdraws.

Virtual Soccer

Fortbet also offers unique short-form virtual games for both its physical and online customers. These are short-version simulated games generated by computers to mimic the real games in which gamblers can place bets online. The Fortebet versions are normally one match every single 5 minutes – add up to 3 matches on one ticket – minimum bet is 1,000 UGX – maximum bet is 500,000 UGX – watch the game online on our live stream or follow the tracker – winnings are paid immediately – enjoy up to 3% bonus for tickets placed online: *1 % if you place one match to the ticket *2 % if you place two matches to the ticket *3 % if you place three matches to the ticket.


If you’re looking for a sports betting website that is easy to use, then the famous orange and black Fortebet should be on your bucket list. The panel is organized in an easy-to-access format with the competitions on the left starting with your most favourite football leagues, a ticker that displays new offers, picks of the day and other updates in the middle and the ticket slips on the right side.

Besides football, Fortebet also offers markets in tennis, baseball, cricket, hockey, rugby, handball, snooker, darts, mixed martial arts and boxing.

To ease your job, the sports betting website provides fixtures in the form of PDF files that ca be downloaded for review offline.

Live betting

Most of the events on Fortebet are offered for live in-play betting also known as live bet. To access the live bets, you can click on the LIVE button at the top left of your screen or HERE to be redirected to the platform.

To know if Fortebet will offer a future event for live betting, there is a SCHEDULE tab that will open a screen for you to peruse. Or else, you can click HERE to go to the page directly.

The live betting page also provides major updates for particular events as they happen. These are minute-by-minute updates on the actions on the pitch like goals, corner and penalty kicks, substitutions and stoppages for a bettor who is not watching live.

However, there’s neither a live-streaming option nor a provision for the summarized statistics from the game.


The betting limits at Fortebet are not a “one fits all” type but tailored to different types of bets. To understand this, Topbets gives you a short insight.

There are two types of bets offered by Fortebet – AKO and COMBI.

AKO bet is one that has one or more betting opportunities at the same time. The final odds in an AKO bet are the result of the multiplication of all selected odds of all betting opportunities on the ticket.

A COMBI bet is a system bet, which consists of two or more AKO bets. It is simply a group of AKO bets on one ticket.

The minimum and maximum stakes for an AKO bet are shs.1,000 and shs.5,000,000 per ticket.


The sportsbook provides a variety of betting options. These include the normal possible outcomes of a game (win, draw and double chance) for the different periods (halves) and full time, goals and points market for overs, under and probability of both teams to score and corner counts.

There’s also a combo for full-time results and a number of goals or the match result and probability of both scoring and goal scorers for particular games.

Overall, the sportsbook is easy to use and it is not by accident that they are one of the best sports betting websites in Uganda.

The maximum number of selections permitted per slip is 150 but subject to the maximum payout which is shs. 850,000,000. Interestingly, the winning limit per bet is shs.1,000,000,000 for both an AKO and a COMBI bet.

Casino review

Despite being a traditional sportsbook, Fortebet offers a number of slots of games to play. It is not quite a big array to match other sports betting websites like 22win as it has only 57 games presently on the website. Some of the collections are slot machines, crash games and Roulette.

However, the famous Aviator is available.

The Aviator is simply a game of flights where a plane flying across the screen and can fall or disappear at any time.

One is required to place his bet during the transition period before the plane takes off. The bets are subjected to a multiplier which keeps increasing as the Lucky Plane takes off.
 The winnings are calculated at the multiplier at which you made a Cash Out, multiplied by your bet.
 The player is required to cash out before the Plane flies away or else, your bet will lost.

To ensure fairness, the Aviator, produced by Spribe, uses a provably fair random number generator to generate the multiplier at which the Lucky Plane will fly away.

To watch a demonstration of how the game is played, go to https://fortebet.ug/#/aviator/play/demo. Fortebet has a free bet for this game that can enable a rookie to understand the basics and master his skills HERE

Quick registration

Fortebet has a quick, one-step registration process. Log on to the website and click registration or simply click HERE to register.

The process will require you to enter your official name and the username that you prefer to use when operating the account.

You’ll then enter your official phone number that will be used for transactions and communications, confirmation of date of birth, nationality and the National Identification Number. For non-citizens, one can use either their passport or refugee card if it applies.

After filling out the form, you click on REGISTER to complete the process and, hoorah, you’re ready to make money.

Customer care

Fortebet has several channels for customer service. The live chat option is always available but only for a bot that answers programmed questions for major inquiries. The live chat is placed at the bottom right of the screen.

There are two toll-free lines which a customer can call for assistance 24/7 but, unfortunately, the attendants seem to be insufficient to handle the calls.

However, there’s also an option for sending a message on a WhatsApp number that is also available for customers who’ve moved outside the country.

The other alternative is the email. See below the customer contacts for Fortebet

Toll free lines·                     0800 202 202
·                     0800 303 303
WhatsApp·                     +256 776 500 501
Email·                     info@fortebet.ug

Deposits & withdrawals

There are two methods of loading and downloading money from a Fortebet account. These are physically at their numerous branches or through mobile money.

To deposit funds into your Fortebet account through their shops, all you need is to visit the nearest branch. The tellers will ask for your registered username and the amount of money you want to deposit.

They will proceed with the transaction and print a slip to confirm if the details are correct within ten minutes. The money will automatically load into your account instantly and be ready for betting.

The minimum amount accepted under this method is shs.1,000 but the maximum is unlimited.

Mobile money: the two mobile money platforms allowed are MTN and Airtel Money.

There are two ways to load using MTN Mobile Money. The first is to go to the MTN Mobile money deposit page by clicking HERE OR clicking on the DEPOSIT &WITHDRAW button at the top right corner of the screen and selecting MTN from the list.

Fill in your registered phone number and the requested amount and press DEPOSIT.

A USSD message will pop up on your phone screen for you to confirm the amount by inserting your pin number.

This option only allows one to load money through his registered number but if you don’t have funds and can use an alternative number, then don’t worry, the second option comes in handy like a guardian angel.

Follow these steps;

1.    Dial *165# to open your mobile money

2.    Select payments OPTION 4

3.    Choose option 5. Goods & Services

4.    Enter merchant code: FORTEBET

5.    Put any reference

6.    Enter amount

7.    Enter mobile money pin

Once this is done, call Fortebet’s toll-free lines on 0800 202 202 or 0800 303 303 for the customer care operators to complete your transaction.

For Airtel, use the same procedure for the first option but for the second, follow these steps;

1.    Dial *165# on your phone

2.    Select option 5. Payments

3.    Choose option 3. Betting and Gaming

4.    Select 4. Fortebet

5.    Enter amount

6.    Enter any reason

7.    Confirm by entering your pin number

8.    Call the toll-free lines – 0800 202 202 or 0800 303 303

NOTE: the minimum amount that can be deposited using MTN in the above methods is shs.1,000 and then shs.5,000,000 maximum. The mobile wallet allows up to four transactions totalling shs.20,000,000 per day.

For Airtel, the minimum remains shs.1,000 and a maximum of shs.3,000,000 per transaction. The total transactions per day are capped at shs. 10,000,000.


Withdrawal, as well, has similar options to the deposit but with slightly different procedures.

To withdraw over the shop, log in to your account and initiate a withdrawal request by clicking on the Deposit and Withdrawal button or HERE. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and press SEND.

Fortebet will send you a four-digit withdrawal code to your registered phone number. Go to the counter and give the teller your registered username and the code to receive your winnings instantly.

To withdraw through your registered MTN or Airtel Mobile number, click on the Deposit and Withdrawal then select your service provider.

Enter the amount you want and initiate the withdrawal.

NOTE that Fortebet only withdraws to the number you registered with the account.

Airtel has set the maximum amount to be withdrawn per transaction at shs.3, 000,000 and a maximum of shs.10, 000,000 per day. MTN is a better option accepting up to shs.5, 000,000 per transaction and a total sum of shs.10, 000,000 per day.

Fortebet general features

o   Mobile APP – YES

o   Transaction history – YES

o   Financial limits – YES

o   VIP Program – YES

o   Time out period  – YES

o   Self-exclusive – NO

o   Live chat – YES

o   Reality check reminder-  NO

o   Support 24/7 – YES


Fortebet is a company that has operated In Uganda since 2014. The sports website was originally called Fortunebet but was changed to Fortebet in 2016 after undergoing a revamp. It is currently one of the most trusted sports betting websites in Uganda operating online with numerous physical shops around the country.

It is also a betting site that is strictly for Ugandans.

The website and casino are trading under Massalia SMC Limited, under license by the Grand Victoria Ltd, under registration number 80020003194888 and duly licensed by the National Lotteries Board of Uganda.

Therefore, the website duly operates under Ugandan laws and is expected to exercise fairness.

The website uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption system to protect users.

Fortebet is Ugandan

If there’s any sporting website in Uganda that has a bigger physical presence, then it has to be Fortebet. The website has shops spread across the major cities and towns and even offers free computers and Television sets for customers who do not possess smartphones to follow their favourite sports and place bets from the shop.

They also conduct numerous Community Social Responsibility projects for vulnerable communities and sponsor monthly awards for the best athletes from different sports. From this, it is very hard to really find a reason to dislike the company.

The only improvement that needs to be done is increasing the number of offers to create more fun.

How Fortebet fares against competitors

Fortebet beats the other competitors on physical presence around the country. The company has numerous shops that offer more services even to customers who lack smartphones or access to the internet. It is all-inclusive.

However, they’re limited to only two methods for depositing and withdrawing as compared to other top sports betting companies like Betwinner. The latter has a whopping 51 options that include banking, bitcoins and online wallets.

Fortebet fares well against rivals like betPawa and Gal Sports Betting but is limited in terms of markets offered for particular events which disadvantage them.

Their maximum payout stands at shs. 1,000,000, which is far better than Gal Sports Betting, 22bet and Bongobongo are capped at shs.550m, 255m and 130m respectively. betPawa and betwinner are unlimited but Uganda is yet to witness a punter who has hit the jackpot set by Fortebet.

The website also needs to introduce the cashout option to minimize the losses for their punters like it is with Gal and betPawa.

Frequently asked questions

Is Fortebet legal in Uganda?

The website and casino operate under Massalia SMC Limited and are duly licensed by the National Lotteries Board of Uganda. Therefore, the website duly operates under Ugandan laws and is expected to exercise fairness.

What is the maximum stake per ticket?

Fortebet allows a minimum of shs.1,000 and a maximum stake of shs.5,000,000 per ticket.

What is the maximum payout?

Fortebet allows you to add up to 150 events/matches in a single ticket. This coupled with the maximum stake, the payout could be big. Therefore, Fortebet pays out up to shs.1,000,000,000 per win. However, there’s also a 15% bonus for winning tickets that are placed online which is paid immediately after the win.

Are there extra charges for depositing?

Fortebet does not charge any fee either for depositing or withdrawing money from your account, the charges largely depend on the mobile network. However, it is free to deposit and withdraw from their shops.

What are the withdrawal options?

Fortebet allows you to deposit and withdraw using your registered phone at any time of the day. The website also allows you to withdraw using a different number that is not registered under your account.

There’s also an option of withdrawing and depositing from any of their physical shops.


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