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  • Live betting
  • best minimum stake of one shilling
  • Effective Cashout option
  • Quick “Call me back” service
  • No cap on payout
  • Does not offer welcome bonus
  • Limited number of sports
  • No live casino
  • Limited combinations

You’ve probably heard so much about betPawa but have never really decided whether to choose it as your bookie or not. Or you have an account but probably don’t understand BetPawa’s deeply.

Here, we shall give an in-depth, critical and analytical review of the betPawa Uganda bookmarker to answer your queries so that can bet small to win big!

To start slow, BetPawa Uganda offers a limited number of sports to bet on. To be exact, the online site offers bets in only three sports: football, tennis and basketball.

Of course, football dominates and takes the lion’s share of the front page. betPawa Uganda operates 100 percent online with no physical betting shops.


BetPawa Uganda has an option for using the App though it only serves the Android users currently. However, that should not deter you, their website is well-optimised to use with any phone browser without missing a thing. It is also as fast and offers exactly what you’ll get from the App.

The main advantage of the App is that it is light (only 2.5 MBs) and uses less data than the main site. It is faster to install and use while saving the user the trouble of logging in every other time. That also helps place bets faster.

The App provides timely notifications ensuring that the punter never misses an offer.

You can download the App through this link: DOWNLOAD BETPAWA APP

The bookie provides the detailed transaction history of your deposits, winnings, losses and withdrawals.

BetPawa Uganda does not provide any VIP programme but their gamification bonus is progressive winning bonus that starts from bets with three selection for a three percent (3%) bonus to tickets/bets with 45 selections that attract 500 percent bonus!

Above all, the company encourages responsible gambling with options for self-exclusion and counselling services.

Easy registration

For a new punter, BetPawa does not offer any welcome offers but their registration is very easy. BetPawa offers the best minimum stake of one shilling.

To register, a new punter clicks on the www.betpawa.ug links both on the PC or phone browser or downloads the App here: https://www.betpawa.ug/android-app.

Like most best sports betting sites in Uganda, betPawa only registers players above the age of 25 years with a registered sim card and national identification card.

On the betPawa site, click on JOIN NOW button on the top right corner of the website and start the registration.

Fill in your phone number, preferre unique password, names, your district of residence and the National Identification Number (NIN) from you ID.

The customer is required to go through the terms and conditions, accept them and submit the registration form by clicking on the JOIN NOW button below the form.

For non-Ugandans are required to fill in their Non-resident document or Refugee card numbers but have to first confirm their nationality in the drop-down box provided.

The registration is FREE and that easy. Your account is opened immediately and ready to function ASAP!

Brand in a glance

BetPawa can easily pass as a PanAfrican betting company currently present in 12 different countries including Uganda, DR Congo, Kenya and Tanzania.

The brand launched on the continent in 2014 and started in Uganda a year after. It is owned by Mchezo, a company registered in Rwanda with an attachment to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. In Uganda, it operates under the registered company Intelworld Co Limited.

BetPawa offers markets from both the live and virtual events and the online gaming. BetPawa is limited to football, basketball and tennis in their sportsbook.

Withdrawal and deposit

There are two ways of depositing money in your BetPawa account however, both methods demand for a fully registered mobile phone with mobile money wallet.

To deposit directly through your MTN Mobile Money.

Go to the main page and click on the green Deposit button placed on the top right corner near the Menu tab. Click on it to go to the deposit page. You can also go directly by clicking HERE OR this link: https://www.betpawa.ug/deposit-mtn

The following page will appear, enter the amount you want to deposit and click deposit.

A window will pop-up on your screen prompting you to enter your password to validate the transaction.

Once completed, you can return back to your website and check whether the funds have reflected on your account.

Use the same procedure to deposit via your registered Airtel Mobile Money account.

However, there’s the third option where you have money in a different line than the one you registered. Never mind, do not go through the pain of withdrawing and deposit. You can use the USSD option.


  • Dial *185# on your MTN phone
  • Select 5 – Payments
  • Go to option 3 – Betting & Gaming
  • choose 1 – Betpawa
  • Enter amount
  • Enter PAWA as reference
  • Enter PIN

MTN Mobile Money has two methods for depositing using USSD;

  1. Merchant code
  2. Dial *165# 
  3. Select 4 – Payments
  4. Choose option 4 – Goods and Services
  5. Enter Merchant Code: BETPAWA
  6. Enter Payment Reference – PAWA
  7. Enter your pin to confirm

2. Lotto and Sports Betting

  • Dial *165# 
  • Select 4 – Payments
  • Select 6 – Lotto and Sports Betting
  • Choose 2 – BetPawa
  • Enter Payment Reference – PAWA
  • Enter your pin to confirm

In both options, BetPawa accepts a minimum of shs.500 and maximum of shs. 7, 000, 000 per transaction.

Sportsbook review

The    BetPawa website is very unique and attractive to the eyes. Their template is dominated by Green, white and black template that is easy to use.

The BetPawa website is simple to use based on it’s organization and easy-to-access shortcuts.

The left side of the layout summarises almost all the market I one column. There’s the option for live events where you can click on it and find out the markets that are currently on going and the offers. In case no games are live at that moment, the LIVE NOW button will open in the middle of the page showing the games that are about to start and scheduled for pre-match and live betting.

The live betting offers different markets basing on the sports and leagues.

There’s the UPCOMING tab below LIVE NOW for the same purpose.

The panel also carries the links to the virtual sports, the Jackpot, the Pawa6 competition, Games and shows the most popular bets to aid a punter’s decision-making.

The most favourite football leagues are arranged in descending order to the least followed based on the statistics and algorithms. A customer can click in any of the leagues to open his preferred market. Every tab on the left panel once clicked will open its window in the larger middle panel of the layout.

There’s a banner in the middle but top of the home page that advertises the available offers in the sports book and games.

The left side shows the available balance and has options for depositing, withdrawals, transaction history, active and settled bets, profile account and a button guiding to the customer care services.

Despite their limited range of sports available for betting, BetPawa Uganda brings a variety of football matches from all over the world across all the continents. They cover that with a unique from other bookmakers like Gals and Ababet with the progressive bonus scheme that rises from three percent (3%) for three selections in tickets with to 500% for a bet with 45 selections.

BetPawa Uganda offers bets for only three sports; football, tennis and basketball. They offer live bets for all the three categories.

However, they have limited offers on combos compared to other betting sites in Uganda offering a customer only two options: direct prediction (1X2) and goals or direct prediction and both teams to score.

Additionally, BetPawa Uganda offers the Half Time/Full Time varieties in its market as well corner counts and bookings. The latter is limited, however to the Over/Under 4.5 limit but opens up during the live score.

The playbook also provides a well-summarized statistics platform showing previous records and current statistics during the in-play options.

Virtual Sports

BetPawa’s virtual sports brings an extra-layer of excitement and fun. You don’t have to wait for the big games over the weekdays or for 90 minutes-full games to play for fun. The virtual sports is a fantasy competition for lovers of the top European football leagues. The tournaments borrows from the league style with all the teams involved in those leagues represented with their initials to add the thrill to the fantasy game. There are seven leagues namely the English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, and Portuguese with each comprising exactly the same number as the respective leagues in reality.

Players are offered about 66 games from the respective tournaments every five minutes. The markets available are for full time results (1X2), over/under, both teams to score, double chance and half time/full time.

BetPawa even goes ahead to offer up to 500% win bonus.


Another unique product on BetPawa’s markets is the weekly Pawa6 competition. The Pawa6 is a free competition where punters test their prediction chances by predicting the scores of six selected games per week.

The sportsbook picks six games from thousands of matches to be played over a weekend and offers the punters a chance to predict and win for free. Every customer has a one chance to try his luck every other week. You can play this week’s Pawa6 here: BETPAWA PAWA6

So, what’s in it? The Pawa6 is another cash bonanza. The top player from each round walks home with a cool shs.5, 000,000 while the runners-up receive shs.2, 000,000 and shs.750, 000 respectively. The prizes go down for all the best ten thousand (10,000) players as well. They are divided as follows;

  • 1: USHS.5,000,000
  • 2: USHS.2,000,000
  • 3: USHS.750,000
  • 4-10: USHS.375,000 each
  • 11-25: USHS.100,000 each
  • 26-100: USHS.25,000 each
  • 101-1000: USHS.5,000 each
  • 1000-5000: USHS.3,000 each
  • 5001-10000: USHS.1,500 each

Juicy jackpots

Do you fancy the big bets, BetPawa has you covered with their mega jackpots. Make your predictions from a selection of 17 games and win big. With this one, I can confirm that the bookie has lived to its mantra “bet small, win big!” because the stakes are as low as shs.100!

What’s even more interesting is that a player is allowed to make more than one ticket.

You can try your luck by going for the main prize by predicting all the 17 games in the Pick17 or thirteen in the Pick13.

To win the ultimate prize of shs.200, 000,000, you must predict all the 17 outcomes correctly. But that doesn’t mean that if you fail a few you’re doomed because BetPawa has prizes for anyone who makes at least 13 correct picks.

If you go for the Pick13, which has a jackpot of shs.10, 000,000, then at least ten correct ones will land you some prizes.

What is even more interesting is that the bookie may decide to make a rollover in that if there’s no winner, the prizes might be carried forward and offered again.


 BetPawa is mostly known for its well-organised and competitive sportsbook but the Casino offers quite a number for a new customer to try out.

The casino has about 350 games from Crash, Mystery Drop, slots, tables and cards from tens of providers very compatible with mobile phones and certified to ensure fairness.


 This Spribepoweredcreation is the most popular game inside BetPawa’s casino. This massive game of flights that tests the reaction speed and decision-making of a player is massive and fun to play. To play, you only need to place your stake before the place takes off and cash-out before it disappears.

What makes it even sweeter at BetPawa is that you can place as low as shs.1 for each bet. Now that is cause for fun because with shs.1, 000, a new player will try to master the art with a thousand games to practice. Experienced players are allowed to bet up to shs.28, 000. The game is based on cryptographic technology known as Provably Fair which guarantees full fairness of the result. The multiplier is not generated by a round of players and not the Spribe’s gaming servers reducing any chance of manipulation.

 However, there’s no guarantee that you will win always, so responsible gambling is recommended.

Aviator is not the only game of flights available at BetPawa, the casino also has JetX, Pilot developed by Gamzix, F777 Fighter, Aero and others.


BetPawa is a big industry player in Uganda. The company has operated for over seven years and is licensed and regulated by the National Gaming and Lotteries board under the Government of Uganda’s laws. This means that it is secure and any complaints have a legal process that can be followed.

This is also why the company uses the top telecommunication company Airtel and MTN to handle their transactions via their mobile money systems. The two telecos follow a strict registration procedure and do not allow customers to transact without a sim card registered under the prevailing laws of Uganda.

Quick customer support

BetPawa has one of the best customer care services in the market. Simple fast and reliable.

The bookie doesn’t have a live chat option on site but the equivalents are more than sufficient to cover-up. Their FACEBOOK inbox is quite slow but the TELEGRAM is always armed with an agent to reply to texts with enough information to sort your issues. However, the best of them all is the CALL ME option where a customer requests for a call from the agents. Normally, the agent calls back within a minute to help you. To be honest, my requests have taken a maximum of ten seconds to be honored in my most preferred local language and English!

BetPawa vs Gals/22bet

  • BetPawa’s elastic payout is quite exciting and interesting for ambitious punters. While Gals Sports Betting, truly their main competition in the country has theirs set at shs.505, 000,000 and 22bet capped at almost half that prize, BetPawa has blown off the ceiling to dare the devils in these streets.
  • Their payout is not the only limitless feature. The shs.100 jackpot is another that plays the retainer role to keep the customers trying their luck for that big pay without dipping into their pockets. 22bet offers no jackpot but Gals Sports Betting has almost a similar one but at a little fee of shs.2,000.
  • The only difference is while BetPawa’s jackpot weighs shs. 200, 000,000, Gals’ version is 50% heavier at shs.300, 000,000.
  • Talking offers, it is hard to understand that while most of their top competitors offer 100% welcome bonus, BetPawa has nothing in their hands to shake the visitor.
  • Their site also lacks in terms of bonuses but the only one standing is quite lures one into trying it. The bookie offers a progressive bonus on tickets with five or more selections to up to 500% bonus.
  • The bookie allows only the mobile money option as their way of depositing and withdrawing money which somehow disadvantages them against a big continental player like 22bet but the mere fact that the biggest population of Ugandans are more connected to the mobile wallet than banking options and cryptocurrency exonerates them from any crime.
  • Their casino is not well-endowed especially with the live-dealers in the live-casino but we can say that what they offer is at the most competitive rates. For example, at only shs.1, you can stake on their Aviator game. That is the lowest stake in the country! It makes it fun and worthwhile because a punter can play as many as 100 games without making a big loss.
  • This also encourages responsible gambling and borders well with those who advocate for ‘betting for fun’.
  • But when matters get out of hand, the company offers help to individuals who believe their betting patterns have changed to the worst. You can click HERE OR THE PHOTO BELOW IF YOU FEEL that you also need help.
  •  Q&A
  • Is BetPawa legit?

BetPawa is a safe and secure sports betting company to deal with. The bookmaker is owned by Rwandan-registered company Mchezo which has an attachment to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. In Uganda, it operates under the registered company Intelworld Co Limited.

  • What is the maximum payout at betPawa Uganda?

Betpawa has no limits for winning and therefore any amount that you have won will be paid to you. However, in cases where your mobile money wallet cannot accept, you have to go to their centre physically for them to either give you cash or make a bank transfer.

  • How do I cash out at betpawa?

Cash out is a feature that allows you to withdraw your stake prematurely before th natural conclusion of the games in your betslip.

  • BetPawa allows you to cashout where you may get either a percentage, full or more than your original stake. To cash out, go to My bets and choose any of the betslips you want to cash out.
  • Make the request by clicking the Request Cash Out option which normally takes about 15 seconds.
  • When you click on it, betPawa will make you an offer that you can either accept or reject.
  • How much can I cash out?

That depends on the servers that calculate your odds of winning or losing a bet. When the probability of losing is high, the cash out amount reduces and increases when your chances of winning improve. However, you may get 100% refund if you prefer to cashout before the games in your betslip kickoff.

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